There seems to be an intermittent short circuit that results in the DCC system shutting down.


When a Frog Juicer is activated the LED’s change color and the turnouts seem to be functioning perfectly, but then an intermittent short circuit occurs that results in the DCC system shutting down. If the power to the Frog Juicer is disconnected the DCC system re-activates and when power to the Frog Juicer is re-connected it functions properly for a while, but then it fails again. Could the Frog Juicer be defective?

Diagnoses & Solution

While the Frog Juicer may be defective, it is more likely that there is a wiring or frog isolation problem.

A simple test is to disconnect each frog one at a time from the Frog Juicer and re-test the functionality until the problem no longer occurs. This will narrow down the problem to a specific frog. Once you have found the frog that is causing the problem, swap the output of the problem frog with the output to a frog that is working correctly. If the problem disappears, then the Frog Juicer is likely at fault.

If the problem still occurs, then check to be sure that the frog is fully isolated.

Sometimes putting a 0.2 ohm, 1/2W resistor between the Frog Juicer and the frog will also solve problems. You can use a 24" (61cm) length of 30ga wire in place of the resistor.

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