Frog Juicer Troubleshooting

There seems to be an intermittent short circuit that results in the DCC system shutting down.

Symptoms When a Frog Juicer is activated the LED’s change color and the turnouts seem to be functioning perfectly, but then an intermittent short circuit occurs that results in the DCC system shutting down. I...

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The Frog Juicer seems to be causing a "pop" sound for sound equipped engines when the wheels bridge the isolation gap.

Symptoms The Frog Juicer functions perfectly when running analog engines or non-sound decoder equipped engines, but there is a very slight "pop" sound when wheels bridge the isolation gap at the frog of a tu...

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If some of the outputs of the Frog Juicer are used as an auto-reverser and other outputs are used to control frog power, will there be a problem with a multiple unit locomotive clearing the turnout before the reverse section is entered?

Symptoms For example, there is a crossing on one end of a turnout and less than 12 inches from the other end of the same turnout to the isolation gaps for the reversing section. The crossing and the turnout a...

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